About Us


Ingham Property Group has a significant portfolio of agricultural assets and property development projects. As urban growth encroaches on some agricultural landholdings they are no longer suitable for their agricultural purposes. At this point Ingham Property manages the landholding’s transition to commercial and residential projects.





Ingham Property Group’s origins date back to 1918 when Walter Ingham Sr purchased 42 acres of bushland near present day Casula for his son to farm.

Walter Ingham Jr started a fruit and vegetable farm which was later turned into a modest poultry breeding operation of over 1,000 birds.

His sons, Bob and Jack Ingham, built Inghams Enterprises into Australia and New Zealand’s largest vertically integrated poultry operation.

Within this business, decommissioned farmland was converted into residential and commercial developments as urban growth approached.

The Ingham family retained the property development business and just under 900 hectares of land across Australia when Inghams Enterprises was sold to TPG Capital in 2012.

This portfolio of landholdings spans New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.


The property portfolio includes significant landholdings across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. Some assets are currently in development, while other assets are undergoing imminent rezoning or they are strategically positioned for future development. Our projects include agricultural production, broadacre residential subdivision, industrial, apartments and medium density residential, retail, office, mixed-use, retirement and aged care and accommodation end uses.

As a private family-owned company, Ingham Property is agile and responsive to rapidly evolving market dynamics. With a comprehensive strategy to unlock the full value potential of each asset, Ingham Property will leverage its current pipeline to become one of Australia’s leading property developers.


These values represent the code by which we operate. They demonstrate what you can expect from us, and what we expect from those we partner with and serve.


“Can we shake hands on this?”

Your trust and our integrity are fundamental to building real relationships. Our handshake is the deal, we stand by our word.


”Are we improving it?”

Our commitment is to the highest professional quality and standards of excellence, protecting our and others reputations.


“Does this make Bob proud?”

Our decisions and actions today are enduring and for tomorrow, creating long term, sustainable outcomes that serve others.


“Would Bob do this?”

We are respectful, we are respected, we recognise that relationships are reciprocal and reputations earnt.


“Is this good for business, good for others, good to do?”

Our business acumen and ambitions are governed by our values, driven by our experience and fuelled by the family legacy.